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Mahama Refugee Camp, established in 2015, is the largest camp in Rwanda, hosting more than 53 500 Burundian refugees. It is situated in Mahama Sector, Kirehe District, in Eastern Province. The World Refugee Day is celebrated every year on June 20th to...

Improving livelihoods of refugees in Kigeme

The U.S Embassy’s Julia Taft Fund is attributed to various projects worldwide with the objective of improving the living conditions of refugees and displaced populations. This grant is not meant as an emergency fund, instead it is allocated to sustainable...

Testing adolescents in 22 sectors

The one year H.I.V and G.B.V. (Gender based violence) prevention program that was put in place by UNICEF and GHDF last year is approaching completion, but the team on the ground is still working hard to reach as many adolescents as possible with their...

Rwanda Speaks !

GHDF and Imbuto foundation have joined their efforts once again to promote debate culture among Rwandan youth. For the third consecutive year, the Rwanda Speaks program is reinstituted, taking place in a total of 17 youth centers and 1 youth hostel....

Inauguration of new WASH facilities at Mahama

On January 20 2016, PAJER’s Chief Executive Mr. Patrick Karangwa visited Mahama camp alongside other country directors of implementing NGOs’, government officials and local authorities for the inauguration of educational, health and sanitation facilities....

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