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Message from the CEO

karangwa patrick
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Karangwa has been advocating for human rights and promoting socio-economic development for more than 20 years. In 2000, at the time he founded Parlement des Jeunes Rwandais (PAJER) his inspiration was to promote peace, unity and prosperity through debate and dialogue, and the empowerment of youth, women and their communities.

Over the years, the organization has grown from humble beginnings to delivering services to thousands of people from Rwanda and neighboring countries. In 2016, PAJER changed name to Global Humanitarian and Development Foundation (GHDF), reflecting the organization’s growth and its new mission and strategic plan for years to come. GHDF has developed an expertise in initiating and delivering projects that have a profound positive impact on the lives of young people, women and rural communities, including people living with disabilities. In addition, since 2012, the organization has been deeply involved in helping refugees, providing humanitarian response to their needs through water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs, while also raising awareness about health issues and improving livelihoods by conducting various trainings.

Since 2000

Our History

At the time of its creation, a few years after the 1994 genocide, the organization’s main focus was empowering the children and youth of Rwanda to create a peaceful society with respect of human rights, reconciliation and trust amongst its citizens. Hence, the strategy adopted by PAJER of promoting dialogue, debate and sustainable economic development activities. Using this holistic development approach, the personal and social skills learned by the beneficiaries, and micro-finance activities they have been involved in have enabled them to live together peacefully by improving their economic status.

Thousands of students and out of school youth have benefited from debate training programs, vocational trainings, and sustainable access to finance for investment (SAFI) carried out by GHDF. The participants get the knowledge and skills to adopt new behaviors, participating in their personal and social development. GHDF’s approach and expertise relies on its staff’s proficiency to mobilize groups of individuals and guide them in the formation of clubs that will grow independently, building a sense of ownership and the sustainability of the projects. Working in several districts of Rwanda, GHDF uses the Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) methodology, bringing together groups of 25-30 people to meet regularly and save money. They are given financial training, business education, and practical trainings to encourage them to engage in income generating activities, forming cooperatives or small enterprises. So far, GHDF has developed and supported more than 800 VSLA’s, involving close to 24 000 members out of which 80% are women.

The organization’s activities have grown to include humanitarian programs and health campaigns in various refugee camps and rural communities in Rwanda. Since 2012, GHDF has been working in Kigeme refugee camp, partnering with MIDIMAR(Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs), UNHCR, World Food Program, and UNICEF and other NGO’s delivering services. At first, GHDF’s work focused on food and non-food items (NFIs) distribution and organizing education programs, events and work activities for the many young people living in the camp. GHDF’s responsibility has now evolved into managing WASH activities in the camp. This includes the water supply, building and maintenance of sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion campaigns. Responding to the Burundian crisis and refugee influx that started in April 2015, GHDF was among the first NGO’s to provide emergency assistance to the large numbers of people seeking asylum in Rwanda. GHDF is now responsible of WASH programs in several reception and transit centers, and sanitation and hygiene in Mahama refugee camp, home to more than 50 000 Burundians. Providing a rapid and effective response to the needs of refugees, the organization has gained the trust and respect from its partners and donors, along with the recognition for the hard work and dedication of the staff. In the years to come, GHDF will continue providing assistance and services to the most vulnerable individuals and communities in the region, with the aim of empowering them and promoting sustainable development solutions.


We inspire and enable a better world through the empowerment of vulnerable communities and promotion of self-reliance for sustainable development.


To deliver reliable and sustainable assistance to refugees and vulnerable communities through humanitarian aid and professional trainings on health, education and economic development.


*Provide services responding to humanitarian needs

*Hygiene promotion in refugee camps and rural communities

*Reduction of child mortality

*Prevention of HIV and SGBV among adolescents.

*Empower youth and women through professional trainings

*Promote and facilitate economic development through micro finance initiatives and income generating activities

We Promote advocacy and child rights

We empower youth & children to build peace & reconciliation
through open dialogue and the promotion of holistic development activities.

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