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Youth programs

Working with the youth and children has always been at the core of GHDF’s activities. Even though school is now mandatory for children and adolescents all over the country, some of them do not attend their classes for a variety of reasons. In some cases it can be the distance to reach school, living in a refugee camp, having to work to help the family, teen pregnancy etc…

GHDF is dedicated to organizing educational activities to empower children of all backgrounds, providing support for them to have a bright future. GHDF’s activities in working with the youth include raising awareness about various topics that affect their daily lives, conducting debate and vocational training programs, and encouraging their economic empowerment through VSLAs.
Through these different programs, the participants learn new skills and increase their self-confidence, motivating them to work hard and reach new heights.

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PAJER has continued using debate as a vehicle of working with young people. The most frequently used format is that of Karl Popper and this has been successfully deployed to engage groups of...


The Isangano Youth Centre Isangano Youth Centre, based in Kiramuruzi, opened in December 2012 as part of a joint venture between by PLAN Rwanda and PAJER, sponsored by the Norwegian youth group...


The initiative focuses on raising awareness to prevent the transmission of HIV and STDs in the area and provide a package of HIV prevention services such as HIV counseling and testing, medical...

We Promote advocacy and child rights

We empower youth & children to build peace & reconciliation
through open dialogue and the promotion of holistic development activities.

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