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Humanitarian Response

Whether in refugee camps or in remote rural areas, access to basic needs such as water and sanitation facilities is still challenging for large numbers of people. Additionally, poor hygiene practices can be the cause of many diseases, putting the life of young children at risk.

GHDF’s Humanitarian work started in 2012 in Kigeme Refugee camp, and is now extended to several other reception/transit centers and Mahama refugee camp.Working alongside the Ministry of health , UNICEF and WASAC(Water And Sanitation Corporation), GHDF is also implementing sanitation and hygiene promotion in rural communities throughout the country.

GHDF’s mainly responsible of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) activities, ensuring the water supply, and building sanitation facilities in refugee camps. Our staff is also dedicated to Hygiene promotion, conducting household visits, and educational campaigns to inform the people about health risks, how to prevent them, and where to go in case of infection.

Training community mobilizers, community health workers, hygiene promoters/ambassadors, and putting in place community health clubs, GHDF works with community leaders to spread hygiene promotion messages and encourage a change of behavior in the population.

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The Burundian crisis which started in march 2015 has caused more than 250 000 Burundians to flee their homeland. Approximately 75 000 of them have come to Rwanda, and while some of them have the means and contacts to migrate to the cities, the majority is received in refugee camps. Mahama is...


In April 2012 a new wave of refugees fled to Rwanda from DRC. The government initiated the establishment of a new refugee camp in Kigeme located south of the country in Nyamagabe district with UNHCR. Emergency response team comprised by INGOs, the UN and governmental agencies were mobilized to...

Reception and Transit centers

Due to the large numbers of Burundians crossing into Rwanda, several reception and transit centers have been put in place to host them and facilitate their registration and relocation to permanent camps. The population in those centers varies depending on the influx of refugees, and their...

Sanitation & Hygiene in rural communities

PAJER has joined the efforts of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Gender, WASAC UNICEF and Imbuto foundation in supporting Early Childhood and Family (ECD&F) initiatives to improve sanitation and hygiene in 10 districts. Targeting ECD&F centers and their surrounding villages, PAJER...

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