Mahama Refugee Camp, established in 2015, is the largest camp in Rwanda, hosting more than 53 500 Burundian refugees. It is situated in Mahama Sector, Kirehe District, in Eastern Province.
The World Refugee Day is celebrated every year on June 20th to underline the perseverance, strength and courage of families and individuals forced to flee their country. The Theme for this year was “Refugees contribute to Rwanda’s Development”. This day represents an opportunity for the general population to show support to the millions of refugees worldwide, while recognizing their contribution to the host countries development.

Mr. Paul Kenya, Head of UNHCR Sub-Office in Kirehe District

Mr. Paul Kenya, Head of UNHCR Sub-Office in Kirehe District thanked the refugees for participating in the economic and social growth of the country. As for the camp manager, Mrs. Murebwayire Goreth, she thanked the Republic of Rwanda for hosting Burundian refugees and ensuring they live in a secure environment. She also reminded refugees that they should give value to services provided to them ; they should also be accountable and have a good relationship with different service providers.

Mrs. Murebwayire Goreth, Mahama camp manager

After a number of performances including traditional dances, drums, an orchestra and singers, various sports clubs were rewarded for their achievements and encouraged to keep up their efforts. UNHCR Rwanda staff also participated in the celebration by taking part in a dance performance which was very appreciated by the public.

The guests and refugees were then invited to attend an exhibition where every NGO working in the camp was showcasing their activities and giving explanations about the work they do. Associations and cooperatives of refugees also showcased the various products they are producing such as traditional baskets, clothing, shoes and toys.

Handwashing demonstration

GHDF took this opportunity to demonstrate proper handwashing with soap technique and remind the people attending about the importance of hygiene and sanitation practices. GHDF staff also took the time to explain the other activities which the NGO takes part in outside of the camp, such as vocational trainings and sustainable access to financial services for investments (SAFI).

GHDF Staff Explaining the activities conducted by GHDF in Mahama Refugee Camp.

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